Hey I'm Noah

In May 2019, I graduated with a BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. My concentrations were interactive and advertising design. While at Kutztown I've grown a love for web design and code, branding, and motion graphics. I enjoy fleshing out project ideas, and expanding them. Like concepting an ad campaign, using print methods like posters, and coding a website to go along with it.

A few other things I like are down below.

As an avid sneaker lover I have 18 pairs of sneakers, you prolly already saw them in my work. Here's a link if you haven't. I also sell them on the side for some extra cash.

I've loved video games since I got my first one at 5. Some of my favorites include the fantastic story of Arthur in Red Dead. The nights in on COD MW2 in highschool with the boys, and the wild outcomes in historical based Crusader Kings 2.

Embiid is by far my favorite player on the Sixers. He's competitive, a trash talker, and has the skills to back it up. If he ever leaves the team I might cry (actually).

Joe is my German Shepherd / hound mix, we adopted him in 2014, and he's a lazy boy that can sense when he's going for a walk, you don't even need to say the word.